One METRA comes in to Union while another heads south.

Portfolio #3: AMTRAK and METRA Chicago Car Yards + Track Systems. Roosevelt Road Between S. Clark and S.Canal Streets.

By Divi Logan, Photographer, Researcher, and Author

The AMTRAK Chicago Car Yard and the BNSF Railroad Yard/METRA provide excellent photographic scenery. A complex series of track and signal systems serves these vital passenger rail links.

METRA Inbound + Gantries & Signals 101019 314 PM

METRA Cars Inbound 101019 315 PM #1

METRA Outbound Southbnd 101019 401 PM #6

METRA Outbound Southbnd 101019 401 PM #8

METRA Twosome 101019 406 PM #2

METRA In, Out, and Signal Gantries Fields 101019 407

METRA Out Signal Gantriess 101019 407 #2.JPG

METRA & AMTRAK Car Yards 101019 315 PM #1

METRA Locomotive #410 Inbound 101019 318 PM.JPG

METRA & AMTRAK RR Car Yards West View 101019 324 PM.JPG

AMTRAK & METRA Rail & Car Yards 101019 355 PM

METRA AMTRAK 101019 Retro Livery 357

METRA and AMTRAK photographs. Location: Tracks and rail yards are below Roosevelt Road, between S. Clark Street, W. Roosevelt Road, and S. Clinton Street. All photos by Divi Logan. Leica Digital media.

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