Multimodal Education: Assets Abound For Participating in Rebuild Illinois.

Our assets are people, places, planning, and infrastructure. The people are the inspiration and the necessity for the planning; our places and infrastructure are built by and serve the needs of citizens every day.

PONS WESB TrDeck Sub #137 053019 1830

A CTA train on the deck approach span of the Wells Street Bridge, seen from the Chicago Riverwalk and the south abutment and bridge tender’s house. We are as connected to our infrastructure as elements of those structures are to each other, and we to them. Leica Digital Media.

Bridges to Rails links cities and transportation companies to the vitality of our infrastructures through excellent, high-quality and efficient photography. Subjects include bridge inspection crew procedure photographs, bridge lifts, and public safety documentation. Collecting monumental amounts of data is essential for accuracy, for bringing officials of agencies together through sharing and analysis, and to educate citizens about our bridge, road, and rail connections.

Agencies that will benefit from timely photographic recording and infrastructure project documentation include:

METRA- Metropolitan Rail, including the Electric Line
RTA- Regional Transportation Authority
CTA- Chicago Transit Authority, serving dozens of bus routes and commuter trains that link our neighborhoods, train stations, and airports
CDOT- their crews can be seen at all bridge lifts during the spring to autumn boat runs; Illinois is home to over 7,000 bridges
IL DOT- the Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for thousands of miles of highway, road, rail, all kinds of infrastructures
US DOT- the United States Department of Transportation
BNSF- this rail line serves suburban travelers
CP Rail
Norfolk Southern
TTX- this company serves freight transportation; look at the companies displayed on a freight train next time one rolls through your area
Union Pacific
Chicago Department of Aviation- there are over one hundred public airports in Illinois

2018-05-06 001 2018-05-06 022

Aircraft cross over York road on the west side of O’Hare (ORD) airport every day. In the area are railroad tracks, interstates, and residential areas.

There are train yards and rail stations throughout Illinois; these are linked by roads and bridges and bus lines. Employees must have ways to get to and from work safely and efficiently- our infrastructures are the ways we move around to our businesses, homes, schools and places of recreation.

Bridge Over I-355, Lombard IL McG & SEliz Grade 022320

Here is a gantry of railroad signals along Union Pacifc-served lines through Lombard, Illinois. The green metal dividers mark a bridge across I-355 west of Lombard.

There are thousands of miles of bridges, roads, and railroad structures in Illinois. These infrastructures move millions of people and millions of tons of freight each year. The capital investments for Rebuild Illinois run into the billions of dollars, so there must be assurance that businesses are receiving fair consideration. Everyone that has a voice and a talent to share should be heard from and included in the state’s programs and processes. We are bridges for each other!

METRA In, Out, and Signal Gantries Fields 101019 407

METRA trains and rail systems use tracks crossing under Roosevelt Road to and from Union Station.

Power Forward Union Pacific @ Lombard Background 072918

Power Forward.” One of my favorite photographs is of this Union Pacific locomotive providing thousands of horsepower to a TTX- rolling stock train moving east through Lombard, Illinois.

2020-01-28 018

METRA trains frequent the crossing at N. Clinton, just south of Kinzie Street. This is a great place to see the MARS lights of trains approaching from the west; sometimes two trains pass and make a great video or still photograph, and even better, sometimes the engineers sound the magnificent air chimes of the K5LA and Nathan P5 series.

AMTRAK at Grade Crossing Near Springfield Station. 021220 1011AM

AMTRAK at the grade crossing near the Springfield, Illinois station. February, 2020.

We can consider infrastructure’s elements in this way, “Who moves you?” Think about it.

Divi Logan. January 29, 2020. Chicago, Illinois. Leica Digital Media.